November 24, 2016

"Get To Know Me Questions"

Hi people..

So today is the another boring blog entry about myself. You're welcome not read it. HAHAHA.
My life is kinda sucks right now. I've been done with my diploma for about 6 months now and I'm unemployed.. jobless.. I need money but its hard to find a job nowadays. Dapat jadi teacher tadika pun okay, or as a clerk I'm fine with it sambil tunggu degree. Everyday, wake up in the morning, buka je mata, I will say the same thing LIKE EVERYDAY, "another boring day". Seriously I've never been this lifeless before. Sangat hambar.

Okay that's boring... Next..

This thing is quite interesting. I love to do this since I was in secondary school. My friend called this thing as "Get To Know Me Questions", k whatever. So I took these questions from my crazy friend's blog, Mia Amran. ⇽ She's one of the crazies person I know, check out her blog !

Forget about Mia Amran, let's beginnnn..

1. What is your middle name:
 My name is Tuan Zuhafiza Adilla, so I guess its Zuhafiza.

2. What was your favorite subject at school:
English but I don't like literature and I freaking hate maths.

3. What is your favorite drink:
Juices with less sugar.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment:
Coldplay, Hymm for the weekend and banyak lagi.

5. What is your favorite food:
Street foods and night markets.
Kebab, chicken roasted, cendol, apam balik, mee goring basah, ice kacang, satay ikan, sausages, cup corn, waffles, uncle bob, and many moreeee !
Seafood - Crabs, Squids, Octopus, Fish, and Prawns. They make me happy. All of them. I'm gonna eat them, I will. 😈

6. What is the last thing you bought:
Tepung ayam hahahaha. My mom asked me to buy it.

7. Favorite book of all time:
Grey by El James. Alaa cerita fifty shades of Grey tu. And btw, I love to read nonfiction novels such as Mummy is a killer (Tak ingat nama penulis, I think its Roberson kot), Too hurt to stay by Casey Watson.

7.1 My own question. Why do I prefer reading nonfiction novels ?
Sebabnya nonfiction is based on true story and fact. Thus, we can find the truth in it and learn from their experiences. Am I right ?

8. Do you have any pets:
Yes, I have a cat, Its Boyut. He's weirdo and useless and functionless yet he's still our family.

9. Favorite holiday:
Em idk. I don't have one even Hari Raya pun I'm not excited at all. But kalau cuti kolej, I used to love "SEMESTER BREAK". But dah habis belajar ni sem break means nothing. Ahh I miss those days.

10. Are you married:
No. I'm single and young.

11. Have you ever been out of country, if so how many times:
I have. Ive been to Hatyai Thailand. It was so fun and great, so many delicious street foods and the barang at there are cheap and affordable with its quality. And I've been to Bandung Indonesia. It was fun la kat Tangkuban Perahu, udara nyaman, segar dan sejuk and then went to Float Market, there are a lot of foods and drinks. Tapi di sana "Macet" Ya Ampunn bapak ibuk.

12. What languages do you speak:
Bahasa Malaysia and English. And I also learned "Hangul" (Korean language). I've learned its alphabets and able to write and read but I don't speak Korean. Kalau tengok k-drama without subtitles tak faham apa pun dorang bebel 😆

13. How many siblings do you have:
I have 2 brothers and I'm the youngest and cutest and pretties and sweetest.

14. What is your favorite shop:
Daiso, Yubiso, Kaison, Ikea, Padini, Voir, Uniqlo, Watson, Guardian, Mcd and many more.

15. Favorite restaurant:
Idk but for sure bukan tempat or cafe hipster. 

16. Favorite TV Shows:
Running Man no doubt. I'm a huge fan of Korean variety shows.
The voice (bcs my only Baby Daddy as a coach, #TeamAdam).
Eventho I cant cook and bake but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of cooking show. The best cooking show ever goes to the Chef In Your Ear.

17. Favorite movie:
Divergent, Fifty shades of Grey, Maleficent, Snow white and the huntsman (I'm a fan of Disney), Hachiko and more.

23. How tall are you:
The question should be "how short are you?" Well I'm 152cm.

24. What do you do when you are bored:
Sleep and watch movies. My life is so damn simple and easy.

25. Can you cook:
No !
But I will learn how to cook. Actually, I'm quite envy people who can cook and bake really well. Duk kat rumah rasa bosan then rasa nak makan, just bukak peti ais and masak. My friend, Mia Amran, she has a huge passion for cooking. What is she ? 😑
For me, cooking can boost your creativity. I wanna  have that kind of feeling tau tak ?

Okay that's all. Thanks again Mia for letting me copy paste your "Get To Know Me Questions", lebiu 💩. Bye people !