April 10, 2017

Savee Masks Review

It's my first time doing  a review. Huhuhuuuu.

I saw a Savee booth last 2 weeks at Mesra Mall. They were selling masks, perfumes, toners, eyeshadow, shampoos and many more. All the masks were selling for RM1 for each. These are the cheapest masks I've ever seen !! I've never seen this brand before so I googled and I thought it was a promotion but it wasnt. Memang masks ni jual Rm1 for each. Disebabkan RM1, I bought 10 masks. I have a high expectation of its quality eventho its cheap.

The packaging are nice and its smell good. I've already tried a few masks and I don't think it is good for me. No offence but the essences are too watery and thin which is hard for me to apply it. Tesktur nya macam gel Aloe Vera. Macam tepek air je and essence nya meleleh ke lengan 😓

I felt so uncomfortable pakai masks ni, rasa gatal sikit and muka rasa burning. Kebiasaanya pakai mask untuk 15-20 mins or sampai kering, but in this case mask ni tak kering kering eventho after 20 mins. I couldn't deal with these masks, maybe the ingredients aren't suitable for my skin
so I gave the rest to my friends. My friends have no problem with it, dorang cakap kulit terasa moist gituuuu. Okay bye.