October 15, 2016

My student life

Assalamualaikum and hyeeee.. I'm back !

Goshhhh I cant remember when was the last time post kat sini. My last post was 2012 !! HUHUHU.
And I don't hve any idea nak borokkkk apa, feel awkward. Emm I'm gonna talk about my journey after SPM k.

After SPM, my result wasn't bad sgt lah but takde rezeki masuk IPTA. So malas nk tunggu rayuan or 2nd intake so I decided to study kt Kolej Poly Tech Mara Kuantan. I was in diploma in corporate communication (BK101) for 3 years. Now dah habis study tunggu convo je. For me study kat sana was fun. I met a lot of friends from Kedah, KL, Ganu, Kuantan, Johor, Selangor, Negori and dalam kelas I was the only Kelantanese. Feel special for no reason huhuhu. And of course ada kawan kawan yang lain course.


Banyak activities masa semester 1. We get along well with seniors. Ikut and join dorang punya project since BK students tak ramai. 1st, join final year project senior semester 5, join choral speaking. 2nd, join CSR project senior semester 3. It was great !!


2nd semester banyak buat assignment by group. Forum, berlakon and many more. Actually tak ingat sangat. HUHUHU.


For our CSR project, we went to Kijal Kemaman for 3 days and staying at someone's house or kata lain keluarga angkat. For me 3rd semester was a new experience, how to socialize with a new people, staying at their house, eat together, buat program kat sekolah, gave motivation for SPM students and etc. It was a big success. Oh btw takde lah "elit".

A week after CSR project, kitorang back to assignment. Again, new experience, kitorang konon konon launching a new product or service. Kena buat our own product !! Ni subject Interactive English.


I was in the same group dari 2nd semester hingga 4th semester. So kitorang dah tahu cara kerja memasing. Semester 4 banyak shooting especially for advertisement (subject Crisis Communication Management). Seronok and sangat penat. Dok ulang dialog sama sampai perfect. And subject Communication Law is the one yang tak boleh lupa. Kena buat research pasal case official secret. Kena tahu the akta and its punishment, tarikh case semua okay lets cryyyyyyy !!


This was the last semester kitorang classmates as a team. Semester 6 dah practical so tak jumpa dah.

So these picture kt atas was our final year project KPTM Got Talent (Corporate Communication). It took 2 months and lebih tak silap nk prepared this event. Banyak kali proposal kena rejected, but we never give up. Before student nk join, dorang kena hadir audition, those who passes boleh proceed to the malam event. During the malam event, ada performances from students and penyanyi jemputan, night market, car boot sales and flash mob. That night betul2 night changes. It was unexpected crowds. During event smooth je takde gaduh2. But before event, gaduh, blame each other, maki memaki, salah faham, miscommunicated and many more but we managed to overcome it. Yay. It was a hectic and chaotic week masa tu. K cerita tu habis sini.

We were glad our course ni takde math, but don't know why tiba tiba ada entrepreneurship ! Damnn whyyyy assignment kena main kira kira. Last kira kira was SPM. Okay, cried a riverrrrr..

So this was my new and last group and it was our last presentation before practical. Kitorang kena establish company. Hmm stress muka anak orang after presentation. I wont tell you guys the result of our entrepreneurship presentation. Err we hate numbersssss btw.

Oh and kitorang ada shooting musical playwriting (subject Advanced English) and that was totally a failure bcs my pitching bukan ke laut tapi entah kemana and it didn't sound good.

Takde gambar semester 6 dengan classmates sbb semua jauh. Practical kat hometown memasing.

Btw, kitorang classmates banyak spent time together, we went to hiking, vacations , bukak puasa sesame, overnight sesame and banyak lagi. Ingat sweet ke ? Tak sweet langsung.

Okay doneee my journey kat KPTM Kuantan. Sekali lagi nak cakap it was fun eventho hectic days, semesters and assignments. I highly recommended Diploma in Corporate Communication. Ha tu je. And sorry classmates for uploading these pictures without your permission, btw the size of pictures are small bcs some of them tak suka gambar disebarkan di social media. Kbye people.