April 21, 2012

Study smart

Okay this year I'll sit SPM. After 11 years I studied in school, finally this is the final examination. Then I'm free and will go to collage :))) My teachers said, "Don't study hard but study smart". 

How to study smart :
- Do your homework  after school. Don't do your homework late at night. Its bad for your eyes.

Make a refresher lesson on leisure.

- Watch your favorite drama/movie at least 2/3 times a day. Your brain needs to rest .

- Getting enough sleep. Dont sleep late. If you have a habit of sleeping late ( like me ), force your eyes to sleep early.

- Exercise !!  Wake up early morning and then do exercises. Your brain will be smart.

- Pay attention when teachers are teaching. F.O.C.U.S !!!

- Don't study if you're sleepy. Ekekeke.

Eat nutritious food. Dont eat something such as junk food, fast food and blablabla.

- When your homework is done, you have to rest rest rest rest at least 1 hour. 

- If you're stressed because of books ! Don't force yourself, just hang out with your friends and enjoy yourself. 

Remember ! Don't study hard but study smart !