April 24, 2011

Learning hangul

하하. 안녕하세요.
Ya. Learning hangul isn't easy for me .Even i have more than 2 books of korean learning , i still dont  understand and dont know how to make the good  sentences by myself. The grammar still confusing me. The changing of some word. I think i have to try hard to learn hangul more better than now and i still wanna learn it . It's really hard to make a difference about using and / and / and when write 한글.

The sentence structure is

<Lala><Kimchi><Eats>  ( thats the korean sentence structure )

American sentence structure

Example : Anneyeong Hasseyo. Cho-neum Siti imnida. (Hi. My name is Siti )

I love Korean Music, Dramas, Shows, Movies. So i hope someday I’ll be able to understand and speak in hangul. Hwaiting !